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Local Nature Partnership

The University of Warwick is hosting this year’s Local Nature Partnership Conference at its Wellesbourne campus on Tuesday 15th November. The University is one of the founder partners of the Local Nature Partnership (LNP), which was approved by Government in July 2012 and engages partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors. This year’s conference has a key theme ‘Challenges to Success’. Presentations include national and local aspects of enhancing the environment, including delivery on the ground of health projects and landscape scale restoration. Attendees will include a range of organisations and sectors.

The aims of the LNP are to:

  • Drive positive change in the local natural environment, taking a strategic view of the challenges and opportunities involved
  • Contribute to achieving the Government’s national environmental objectives locally
  • Become local champions influencing decision-making relating to the natural environment and its value to social and economic outcome.

The conference will focus on the partnership’s activities and achievements during the past year, on raising awareness of LNP and Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) work and on wider engagement with partners.

The University works closely with the LNP, the University community and local groups to promote and protect biodiversity and green spaces on campus. Project-based research into different aspects of biodiversity and landscaping had been carried out by Masters students (School of Life Sciences and Warwick Institute for the Science of Cities (WISC) (Corrine Muir)) and interns hosted by Estates. The University is also currently reviewing its role in the Local Biodiversity Action Partnership.