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Repair & upcycle your items at our reStore pop-up

On the 16th of July, the Warwick Environmental Sustainability team and the School of Engineering Build Space and the will be opening the doors to the first of its regular reStore pop-up events. The events are an informal get together in which people can bring along and repair and upcycle everything from electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles and clothing using the tools and equipment available with the help of some expert repairers and makers. Sometimes a very simple repair is all that is needed to fix a broken or damaged item, saving it from going to landfill and reducing environmental costs. The act of repairing or upcycling extends a product's useable life, reduces waste and pollution, and saves energy, carbon emissions and finite non-renewable resources. 

The event will begin from 4.30 pm on the 16th and all are welcome to attend the event and with complementary drinks and food on hand to keep everyone fully charged.

Location: School of Engineering EBS1.3

Health and safety sign-up form