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Carbon Emissions Statistics

Our campus has grown a great deal over recent years. Despite this, our carbon efficiency continues to increase, and we have plans in place to keep increasing our carbon efficiency as more buildings open in the coming years.

There are 2 ways of looking at our performance:

Efficiency: Carbon emitted per £ of income

In the graph below you can see how the carbon efficiency of the University has dramatically improved over recent years. This trend, which we aim to continue, has seen our efficiency almost double since 2005/6.

Graph of carbon emitted per pounds spent

Absolute: Total carbon emissions

Even when you look at the total amount of carbon campus has emitted in absolute terms, disregarding our increased size completely, 2016/17 was still clearly the best year we’ve had for carbon emissions since 2005/6. We've grown a great deal in those 10 years, so this is a real achievement.

Graph of absolute carbon emissions
How did we do it?

Campus has grown. Emissions have not. How did we achieve this?

We generate 60% of our electricity and hot water on campus through an efficient Combined Heating and Power system.
We opened the Cryfield Energy Centre in 2014 to provide more super-efficient combined heating and power for campus.
Making sure all the new buildings we add to campus are much more efficient than the older ones they're replacing.
We worked to add more renewable energy sources to campus.
We worked to cut our Water use - water cleaning produces emissions too.
Our staff and students have made a real effort to think in a more sustainable way.
And loads of other efficiency projects around campus - too many to mention!