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To achieve our carbon reduction targets and protect our environment from the use of fossil fuels the University of Warwick are aware that we must champion renewable energy wherever possible.

To this end the University already has:

  • over 1500m2 of Solar Photovoltaic panels across the campus, with plans to increase this to over 5329.6m2 by the end of 2018 on various new buildings being built. The equivalent of 27.2 tennis courts. This will generate enough power to run 110 homes for a year.
  • 2 Wind Turbines - One located by the Vice Chancellor's House and another by one of the Estates Facilities constructed by Engineers Without Borders.
  • Solar Thermal Panels located at Redfern, Sherbourne and on the Engineering Department.

Future projects will also look to install panels where possible on current buildings and future builds.