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Recycling Signage Survey

Thank you for taking time to answer this short questionnaire.

We've been working over the past few months to create new signage for the bins across campus as well as to beginning sending food waste from Conferences to Anerobic Digestion.

We have a few draft ideas and would now like to ask for your input into this process.

Please take a look at the below posters which will be created in A4 and will replace the current landfill and recycling information on the backboards of bins across campus.

We would appreciate comments so that we know your favourites and dislikes, any suggestions for improvements, and comments about anything we might have missed. (Note: the disposable cups seen below are currently on the recycling posters which is incorrect as this style of cup can currently only go into the non-recyclable bin, please use reuable mugs and the 10p discount at Retail outlets on campus as much as possible.)


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Sign 4


General question about signage

Privacy statement
This form is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the form unless you choose to submit it. We will use your submission to help us improve recycling at Warwick.
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