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The Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub brings together everything sustainability-related that is going on here at Warwick. Have a look below at what is happening and see who is doing what. See anything interesting? Feel free to get involved!

Societies and Groups
External Groups


At any one time there can be lots of different projects all tackling some aspect of sustainability at Warwick, all running at the same time. Have a look at what's going on, and feel free to add your own project.

People working on sustainability

In this section we hope to bring together everyone at Warwick who's working on sustainability - students, researchers, staff... you're all welcome to be part of the Hub.

Societies and Groups


If you'd like to study sustainability as part of your course, here's what we have on offer:

Sustainability: Frameworks, Challenges and Opportunities
Sustainable Energy Systems
Challenges of Climate Change
Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers
Experimental Ecologies
Thinking Water
Habitability in the Universe (covers as part of the module Sustainability and Habitability on Earth)


An NUS-run scheme that connects students with organisations to complete research projects together into social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Postgraduate courses

Agronomy for the 21st Century
Develop skills to design and evaluate the next generation of low environmental impact automotive products
Use science and engineering to invent, create, design, develop, or improve technologies which promote the well-being of communities which are facing grand humanitarian challenges
Gain the knowledge and skills required for a career in power engineering
Gain in-depth and advanced knowledge of a diverse range of sustainable energy technologies, including wind, tidal, solar, fuel cells and biomass
A timely and integrated perspective on environmental bioscience, management, societal matters
The cross-discipline study of management practices typical in an MBA with modules on the opportunities and challenges of the energy industry and sustaiability.