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Siobhan Benita


Siobhan Benita | Chief Strategy Officer

Siobhan is the Chief Strategy Officer of Warwick in London (WiL) and Co-Director of the Warwick Policy Lab at the University of Warwick. Before starting her current role of Chief Strategy Officer of Warwick in London, on 1st August 2016, Siobhan was the Chief Policy and Strategy Officer of the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick for just under three years. Previous to that, Siobhan was a senior civil servant with over 15 years’ government experience and worked in many of the major departments, including Transport, Environment, Health and Local Government as well as spending several years at the heart of Government with senior roles in the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.

She resigned in January 2012 to run as an independent candidate in the Mayor of London election, where she secured around 250,000 votes which was a remarkable achievement for a previously unknown independent with no party machine. Siobhan has broad experience of TV and radio commentary and speaks regularly on issues, including public policy and gender equality.

T +44 (0) 20-3859-7720
M +44 (0) 7876 877900