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Latest news from Warwick in London

image Where are we on Brexit? Professor Abhinay Muthoo writes for The Independent

"Random acts of madness: all the things that Dominic Cummings is getting wrong about game theory"

Read the article here.

image Dean of Warwick In London, Professor Abhinay Muthoo, writes in the Conversation about Boris Johnson's plans to suspend parliament
"Suspending parliament could be the act of a credible madman or master bluffer"

Read Professor Abhinay Muthoo's article in The Conversation on Boris Johnson's plans to suspend parliament.

image Professor Abhinay Muthoo talks about the next steps for Brexit in The Conversation

Read the latest The Conversation piece from Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Dean of Warwick in London about the latest Brexit vote, next steps and the role of game theory currently in Westminster! You can read Brexit Brinkmanship here about where Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn go from here.