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image Warwick hosts inaugural Ansal Academic Enhancement Programme

For the last two weeks, Warwick in London has been delighted to host students from Ansal University in India. The students have spent time on the Warwick campus as part of their bespoke Academic Enhancement Programme.

image ‘I never dreamt we’d get Buckingham Palace’: the history of the Civil Service Awards by Siobhan Benita

The Warwick Policy Lab is co-directed by Professor Abhinay Muthoo and Siobhan Benita who was previously a Senior Civil Servant in Whitehall. The Lab, as reflected by its directors, aims to bridge the gap between academic analysis and public policymaking in order to maximise the impact and influence of rigorous research on decisions taken by politicians that will affect people’s day-to-day lives. In this article in Civil Service World, Siobhan Benita reflects on her time in the Cabinet Office when, amongst other things, she worked with the Cabinet Secretary to introduce the first national awards for Civil Servants.

image Professor Abhinay Muthoo featured in Financial Times article.

Professor Abhinay Muthoo, Dean of Warwick in London was featured on page two of the Financial Times on Thursday 10 May in an article titled ‘Universities tested by Big Tech brain drain’ talking about the challenges faced by universities in keeping leading AI professors when faced with large tech companies offering attractively high salaries.