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Dean of Warwick in London speaks at inaugural Warwick Congress

Professor Abhinay Muthoo was one of the 12 speakers invited to present at the inaugural Warwick Congress which took place on the 24-26 February 2017 on the Warwick campus with over 350 students attending.

Warwick Congress is a new venture which aims to establish one of the largest academic and entirely student-run conferences in Europe. The event looks at three current affair topics and unites the disciplines of Finance, Economics, Law and Politics to a single platform, allowing students to gain a holistic perspective on the issues surrounding the world today from leading industry professionals.

Professor Muthoo spoke on the topic of “Can liberalism survive the backlask? Globalisation and identity in a shaken world”.

Fellow speakers came from the banking, energy and law sectors, the civil service and NGOs amongst others. Speakers included the CEO of E.ON UK, Tony Cocker; Co-founder of Neybar, Monica Kalia; former Secretary of State for BIS, Sir Vince Cable and Former VP or the European Parliament, Diana Wallis amongst others.

The event was a huge success with lots of engagement and discussion from the delegates throughout.

Professor Muthoo said “it is a pleasure to be able to support our entrepreneurial and ambitious Warwick students who have the desire to understand the key issues at the heart of our world today and to share this widely”