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Literature & Resources

Thinktank Publications and Papers

  • The Political Inclusions of Young Citizens
    (Guy Lodge, Glen Gottfried and Sarah Birch, February 2014)
    This paper sets out the scale of the problem of low youth turnout and proposes a radical solution: a requirement for first time eligible voters to turn out on polling day. This paper is a collaboration between the IPPR (The Insitute for Public Policy Research) and Democratic Audit, an independent research organisation, based within the London School of Economics Public Policy Group.
  • Like, Share, Vote
    (Jamie Bartlett, Jonathan Birdwell and Louis Reynolds. November 2014)
    This report explores the potential for social media to support efforts to get out the vote. It lays out which groups need to be the focus of voter mobilisation efforts, and makes the case for using social media campaigning as a core part of our voter mobilisation efforts.

    This report was commissioned by Demos, one of Britain’s leading cross-party think tanks. Demos have spent 20 years at the centre of the policy debate, with a mission to bring politics closer to people.