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Why this Course?

Why choose Innovation Insight with Warwick in London

Why this course?

The workshop begins by placing innovation in context, considering innovation as ‘more than just generating new ideas’. To be truly transformative, innovation must add value and must address the values of the organisation or system in which it occurs. This in turn requires a wider understanding of the creative process and of creative people. You will accordingly explore how different strengths, including your own, are needed to build a capacity to innovate in an organisation.

The next stage of the workshop sets out a step by step approach to leadership and innovation. Leaders must provide an inspiring vision, they must know how to work through (and when to bypass) organisational systems. They must understand and work with the talents, motivations and abilities of the people around them. Finally they must convert all of this into a series of practical outcomes. You will work through these steps in a four-part model of leadership: visionary, inspirational, influential, tactical.

The last part of the workshop will apply these insights and methods to your own organisation. What are the barriers to innovation in your organisation and how can these be overcome? What steps will you take to develop innovation when you return to your workplace?

The benefits

Every organisation seeks to be innovative in order to rise above its competitors, whether this means innovation in product development, in business models, in strategy and leadership, or in its marketing. All too often, innovation is confused with novelty or ‘creative ideas’. This workshop will help you move from ideas to actions. You will learn how to recognise and direct innovative ideas, how to lead innovation in others, and how to build a capacity to innovate at both individual and organisational level.

You will also learn about your own strengths as an innovator and as a leader, as well as gaining insight into your own organisation as an innovative environment.

The course is designed for managers driving innovative approaches in service delivery, product development, project management and strategy. No ‘artistic’ or ‘creative’ talents are required. Anybody who manages a team, who works with others to solve problems, or who wants to develop their organisation’s innovative potential, will come away with a clearer understanding of how to connect innovative ideas into transformational outcomes.

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