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Why Creativity?

This workshop invites you to discover the different modes and stages of creativity and innovation, and the organisational systems which lie behind them. Creativity is not only about new ideas, it also requires us to make connections between apparently opposing frames of reference (bisociation). Creativity encompasses people and processes outside the ‘creative’ team. It depends upon collective systems, no less than individual brilliance.

Key Details

Details: 1 day

Dates: Thursday 23 March and Tuesday 11 July 2017

Fee: £400.

Location: Central London

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Managing innovative projects and teams means learning to recognise and direct different aspects of the creative process inside and outside the organisation. Ideas and talent are not enough; a creative manager must work across the whole value chain, brokering connections between ideas and actions, between individuals and organisations, between innovators and users.

This workshop will equip you to understand and build these connections, allowing you to develop a systematic approach to creativity and innovation in your own organisation.