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Why this course?


Course overview

The day will begin with a global trends briefing from the DCDC team, looking at political, economic, technological, social and environmental factors shaping the world over the next 20 years, and how these will impact on Africa.

Foresight on Africa student

The second session will be delivered by Professor Muthoo (and one other professor) from the University of Warwick on African economics and politics. They will present the leading-edge of current research into different aspects of African society and the business and political environment, with an eye for future developments provoked by the long-term trends identified in the first session.

The afternoon sessions, led by SOIF, will help you work out what this intelligence and analysis means for your organisation. SOIF’s role will be to help you make sense of a range of possible future scenarios, and identify actions you can take to be better prepared for them.

Foresight on Africa student

In the final session, SOIF, the University of Warwick and DCDC will undertake with you an example of how you harness these different insights, focusing on one African country or region. In this way you will learn and practise simple techniques that you can bring back to your workplace. You can also use these as the basis for commissioning specific intelligence to enhance your ability to identify and prepare for risks and shocks, and be more confident in targeting and investing in new opportunities.

The day will conclude with a keynote talk by a leading expert with first-hand experience grappling with Africa's challenges.

The benefits - on leaving this course you will:

  • have benefited from a state-of-the-art global trends briefing from a leading think-tank in the field
  • have gained unique insights into what the future holds for Africa from leading academics
  • be aware of what foresight is, and what you can achieve with it, in Africa and beyond
  • be ready to use one or two simple foresight techniques back in your organisation.