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Sociology Subject Information Evening

‘Ask questions, discover and see the bigger picture.

Sociology – the study of humans in society – attempts to capture the rich variety and complexity of human social life.

With the study of social life at its heart, the scope of sociology is almost limitless.

Its subject matter encompasses family life, education, crime, work, war, religion, capitalism, power, food, leisure, love, health, sleep, the body, the self, human–animal relations, art, tourism and the media, to name just a few.

Sociologists are generally encouraged to cultivate a ‘sociological imagination’.

This is the ability to see our own lives and the lives of those we study as intrinsically linked to wider social processes and structures. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the relationships we form, the pets we keep, the money we use, the consumables we buy, the languages we speak, the ambitions we pursue, and even the opinions we hold are all dependent on the particular historical and social context in which we find ourselves. This context is the wellspring of sociology. Sociology also has an abiding concern with the main markers of social difference in modern society – class, gender, ‘race’/ethnicity, age, sexuality and (dis)ability – and how these often intersect in shaping the life chances and experiences of individuals.

Warwick Sociology department has an international reputation for research excellence, a global and cosmopolitan perspective, and high quality teaching. Our curriculum offers a comprehensive and up-to-date foundation with a diverse range of specialist options.

We will be offering an excellent opportunity for students to hear from academic staff and current students. The event will be hosted at our London premises in King’s Cross. At the event, you will learn about our BA Sociology (with various specialisms) and our BA Sociology and Criminology degree options. You’ll also hear about the admissions criteria for Warwick, our excellent graduate opportunities, and our exciting year abroad programme.’

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Date and Time: 5.00pm - 7.00pm Wednesday 29th January 2020

Location: Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AG

Light refreshments will be provided. Students, teachers and parents most welcome.

Interested in studying Sociology or related subjects at Warwick?

See our study pages for more information and also for open days at the Warwick campus and other opportunities to visit.