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Week 1/ Day 3 (18/7) Introduction to Research Methods with Gemma

Lecture 3: Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

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Practical 1: Workshop Notes

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In case you decide you would like to use the paper Dr Liz mentioned at the end of Dr Gemma's Research Methods workshop for your homework, here is a copy:

Watson, Blagrove, Evans & Moore (2012)   

And here is the press release that the University of Warwick issued for the study.

Here are some of the ways the media reported the study. You can decide whether you think their reporting was accurate, fair and in enough detail (or not!). You can also decide whether reports are similar to each other- and why they might be the same or different in different circumstances.

Science Daily

Korea Herald

Daily Mail

Medical Xpress

Finally, here is a broadcast (with transcript) that Dr Liz did for American radio station WAMC about the research:

The Academic Minute