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Week1/Day 4 (19/7) Introduction to Research Methods: Practical 1- Qualitative Methods

So this is it, Everyone! Your first chance to be psychological investigators.

All the materials you need for the practical are here (including electronic versions of the materials you got in class from Dr Gemma). Please don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions. We are really happy to help- and understand that this independent work is likely to feel quite daunting.

Dr Gemma is available by email tonight (Weds 18/7)

Drs Gemma & Lara are available by email, Skype and phone tomorrow morning (Thurs 19/7)

Dr Liz is available by email tomorrow late afternoon and evening Thurs 19/7)

Practical 1- Qualitative Methods

Practical 1 Brief  

Practical 1 Text Materials  

Research Papers

Research on Disasters

Paper 1  

Paper 2  

Guidance on Thematic Analysis

Paper 1   

Paper 2   

Paper 3  

Paper 4  

Paper 5