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Week 2/ Day 4 (26/7) Introduction to Research Methods : Project 2- Quantitative Methods

Back to being Psychological Science Researchers again! This time with quantative methods.

All the materials you need for the practical are here (including electronic versions of the materials you got in class from Dr Gemma). Please don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions.

Workshop Materials (Part A)  

Workshop Materials (Part B)  

Project Brief  

Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form  

ZAPS Instructions  

In terms of support, Dr Hester is available (in our teaching room- and guess what?!! She has lovely cooling fans...;-) for help and guidance in the morning (Thurs 26/7). Dr Liz is available in the afternoon by phone, Skype, email or Facetime (so many choices!)

Dr Hester has created special email accounts for you to use when registering the ZAPS function that we're using for this project. Here are the details for you:

To use the ZAPS tests, you'll need an email address, so we've created new gmail accounts for you to use. Please use this assigned address rather than your own, to create a ZAPS account using the code from your Psychological Science book (and don't use this email account for anything else!).

Aernie - - password Warw1ck1nLondon1
Alan - - password Warw1ck1nLondon2
Peggy - - password Warw1ck1nLondon3
Daisy - - password Warw1ck1nLondon4
Yuki - - password Warw1ck1nLondon5
Steven - - password Warw1ck1nLondon6

For more details about how to register and how to do the experiment you'll use for the practical, please check Dr Gemma's notes.

Please remember to send your data to Liz once you have done the experiment on Thursday am (, and to also send your short report to her before the feedback session on Friday afternoon.

Group Data (also sent by email)