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The WSS Experience

100% of our Summer School students would recommend the programme to a friend. Find out why our Summer School experience is memorable, worthwhile and not to miss.

Alongside our programme of excellent guest speakers, an unforgettable social programme is available to students who wish to participate. Exciting activities and day-trips allow you to experience British culture and independently explore the UK.

Profile of Summer School student
It was unforgettable; I made so many foreign friends and it was amazing.
Yasu Jiao (China)
Profile of student
There's so many extra activities you can do and you're never bored; it was awesome.
Daan Willems (Belgium)

Warwick Summer School 2017: What our students say

Profile of student
We experienced a life-changing, fun and exciting three weeks at St. Mary's. We had lots of fun, made new friends and it has changed our lives towards a more mature and goal-oriented direction.
Gemy Hale Provido (Philippines)

Warwick Summer School 2017


Our first London based Summer School built on the success of our previous Summer Schools delivered at Warwick's campus between 2014 and 2016. In 2017 we welcomed 150 students from over 30 countries to St Mary's University in London with 100% of students saying they would recommend the programme. Students enjoyed a fun social programme which included day-trips, events and activities throughout the three weeks to experience British culture and visit London and the UK.

Students joined us for a variety of events including our Meet and Greet BBQ, Welcome Dinner at Raven's Ait island, Curry, Quiz and Karaoke night and Farewell Celebration Evening, with many also choosing to participate in our additional trips to London's famous West End at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London and the London Eye, Oxford and Brighton.

Find out more about the social programme we are offering for our 2018 Warwick Summer School.

2017 Guest Speakers
  • Professor George Akerlof, Nobel Prize winner and Economics Professor at Georgetown Univerity. Professor Akerlof won the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and shared insights into his book 'Phishing for Phools' with students.
  • Kelly Gallagher, Britain’s first ever Winter Paralympic gold medalist at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. Kelly shared her experience of the Sochi Winter Olympics with students, delivering the talk 'Journey to the Games' (as well as bringing along her gold medal).
  • Priya Lakhani, OBE, award-winning entrepreneur developing her fresh Indian food brand 'Masala Masala' to high critical acclaim. Priya's passion and success keeps growing as she is now CEO and founder of CENTURY Tech. Priya presented her experiences to students during an insightful discussion on entrepreneuship.