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Past Events

Title of Event
14 Nov 17 Migration and Skills: G. Meardi, E. Kispeter & A. Green London CREW (Westminster Policy Briefing)
3 Nov 17 Migration and Skills / Employment Rights and Regulation Warwick CREW (Discussion Seminar)
26 Oct 17 Job Loss and Job Creation / Training Funds for the Unemployed Warwick CREW (Discussion Seminar)
17 Oct 17 Rethinking EU Equality Law: Towards a More Coherent and Sustainable Regime - Exploring the Alternatives Brussels Warwick/Southampton
28 Sept 17 The Role of Lobbying in Political Decision Making Brussels CAGE
27 Sept 17 Drinks Reception for Alumni of British Universities Brussels British Ambassador to Belgium
4 July 17 Immigration Briefing - Brexit Warwick Warwick (internal event)
1 June 17 Guild Forum: Universities, Research and the Future of Europe Brussels The Guild
24 May 17 CAGE/WMG Post Brexit Industrial Strategy: Fuel for hte Midlands Engine Warwick CAGE/WMG
18 May 17 Health and Brexit: Advancing knowledge for population health after Brexit London Society for Social Medicine
15 May 17 Brexit: The end of the Sino-British 'Golden Era'? Brussels EIAS
10 May 17 Big Data: Risks and Scientific Opportuntities Brussels The Guild
4 May 17 Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat: Mapping and Documenting Migratory Journeys and Experiences Brussels Warwick
25 April 17 'The long tail of science' ? Humanities, Social Sciences, and Open Science and Innovation Brussels The Guild
25 April 17  Decision-making in standard developing organisations (SDOs) for the internet in Brussels Brussels Warwick
3 April 17  Quo Vadis? Identity, Policy and the Future of the European Union Brussels CEPR and CEPS
28 Mar 17 Global Diaspora Mobilisation: Understanding how EU Member States can Engage Refugee and Migrant Diasporas Brussels Warwick
24 Mar 17  West Midlands Together Conference: Promoting Harmony and Combating Hate-Crime Warwick MEPs Neena Gill & Anthea McIntyre
2 Mar 17 Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters in EU Trade Agreements: Can current limitations be overcome? Brussels Warwick
15 Feb 17 Crisis and Everyday Personal Finance: Lessons from Behavioural Science and Political Economy Brussels Warwick
Dec 16 WMS event brings together European healthcare leaders London Warwick/Science|Business