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The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities

Founded in 2016, the Guild brings together nineteen of Europe’s most distinguished research-intensive universities from fourteen countries. The Guild is committed to the pursuit of excellence, the importance of truth-seeking and trust-building as the foundation of public life, and the creation of new knowledge for the benefit of society, culture, and economic growth. The Guild is dedicated to representing the views and interests of its member institutions, their researchers and their students and has established itself as a valued contributor to policymaking in Brussels.

Research and Innovation for the Europe we want to see: Key Principles for Framework Programme 9
17 April 2018

The Guild emphasises the importance of the Social Sciences and Humanities to FP9. It suggests that, to counter challenges to the EU’s vision of “pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity, and equality between men and women”, FP9 must empower researchers to contribute to evidence-based policymaking on social cohesion, education, intercultural communication, democratic participation, and developing a fair and sustainable economy in the context of globalisation.

Read the Guild’s statement here

Shaping European universities of the future
23 March 2018

The Guild supports the European Universities initiative to boost the competitiveness of the European higher education sector and argues that the creation of collaborative flagships, distinguished by high-quality education and research excellence, will bring a step-change to the Bologna process through the mutual recognition of degrees and the removal of barriers to mobility.

Read the Guild’s policy statement here

Mind the Gap: Supporting excellence across Europe in Framework Programme 9
7 March 2018
The persistent research and innovation gap between Europe’s countries and regions is a threat to the quality and sustainability of science in the EU. Closing it is one of the preconditions for regional growth and prosperity, and for eradicating the economic divide across Europe which has led to elevated social tensions in the past years. The Guild recommends that FP9:
1. Promotes greater synergy between FP9 and the EU’s Structural Funds
2. Supports ‘bottom-up’ transnational networks that have potential to promote excellence
3. Boosts the quality and capacity of European research by investing in early-career researchers.

Read the Guild’s policy statement here

Bolstering Europe’s innovation ecosystems: Research, creativity, and co-creation
22 February 2018
Our competitiveness and the way in which our societies advance both depend on our ability to innovate. Though Europe has built an outstanding research base, it lags behind the world’s most innovative economies. Untapping its potential requires a stable policy framework, as well as sufficient public funding and incentives for private investment. This funding must be part of an effort to create favourable conditions for innovation to flourish and scale up, and to strengthen the bridges connecting researchers and the results of their research with innovation. Universities, which carry out much of the research, and European institutions such as the European Innovation Council will be central to addressing the challenges of EU innovation policy.

Read the Guild’s policy statement here

 Mission (im)possible? Addressing Europeans’ pressing concerns through research and innovation
14 December 2017
The Guild welcomes the Commission’s plan to adopt R&I ‘missions’ which address the UN Sustainable Development Goals from a European perspective, foster interdisciplinary research, and help articulate impact more effectively. Under the Commission’s proposals, ‘missions’ should:
• build on European research excellence and make long-term contributions to global challenges by providing more opportunities for collaboration
• achieve wide-ranging societal impact and address different societal concerns, the variety of missions should cover all disciplines
• integrate research-led education into their outreach and societal engagement.

The Guild has put forward five topics for future ‘missions’; read its policy statement here

Statement on Brexit by 58 top European Universities
11 December 2017
The Russell Group, the League of European Research Universities and the Guild have highlighted the importance of research collaboration in tackling major challenges like disease and climate change. The three groups argue that the EU and UK must be ambitious and work towards a settlement on research that will support joint-working after Brexit.

Read the full statement here

Guild statement on Brexit
13 November 2017
As Brexit talks continue, it is crucial to restate the importance of joint investment in knowledge, human capital and innovation, enabled across borders by European universities. Ensuring the welfare of Europe’s economies and strengthening our societies requires more collaboration in research and innovation, not less. The success of European universities depends on their ability to circulate ideas freely, through their researchers, students and alumni. This must not be affected adversely by Brexit.

Read the Guild’s statement here

The Guild’s statement was endorsed by the Russell Group.