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Report Published: UK’s future relationship with the EU after Brexit in the areas of police cooperation and judicial cooperation in criminal matters

The European Parliament has recently published a research paper on the future EU-UK relationship in the field of Police Cooperation and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters. This study was supported by, among others, Warwick CJC's Professor Jackie Hodgson.

Mon 03 September 2018, 11:43

The Fernandes Fellowships – Funding Early Career Researchers from Europe

A generous philanthropic gift of £250,000 from Warwick alumnus Rui Fernandes will establish the Fernandes Fellowships programme, in support of Warwick in Europe.

Fri 24 August 2018, 13:09

Warwick supports EU Green Week 2018

On 24th May 2018, the University hosted an official partner event as part of the European Union’s Green Week programme. Green Week is Europe's biggest annual conference on environment policy, bringing together participants from government, industry, non-governmental organisations, academia and the media to exchange ideas and best practice. In addition to the main conference, events linked to the annual Green Week theme take place in Brussels and around the EU.

Mon 06 August 2018, 13:39

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