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About Us

Warwick has a strong history of engagement in Europe and we are committed to supporting the networking and partnership-building activities of our teaching and research staff. As a founding member of the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, Warwick is proud to be working with 18 of Europe’s most distinguished universities to give a voice to our institutions. Over 750 staff and 2,600+ students from EU countries already contribute to the excellence of our research, teaching, learning and to cultural diversity on our campus.

The Warwick Brussels Office, set up in 2013, is a physical manifestation of Warwick’s intention to engage with EU policymakers and institutions, with business and opinion-formers in Brussels and beyond. Alongside our five European partners, Warwick has recently launched EUTOPIA, a European alliance of universities working closely together to address global challenges through collaborative research, increased mobility of students and staff, and shared innovations which serve the wider public in all of Europe’s regions.

“Europe-wide research and teaching collaboration has helped transform the lives not just of our students and researchers, it has underpinned jobs, and spurred innovation and advances in health, manufacturing, culture and so much more. Politicians in and out of office in every country in Europe are still deliberating how the UK can still be part of that in future but we can’t afford simply to wait for that to be fully resolved. We chose to act now not just to show our commitment to work together in future but to begin work on a range of activities that delivers on such a commitment."

University of Warwick’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stuart Croft

Three interlinked groups work together to develop and maintain Warwick’s activities in Europe, especially in Brussels;

MembersThe European Advisory Board helps Warwick to develop and deliver its European engagement strategy, brings together eminent and experienced Brussels experts, the Vice-Chancellor and Warwick academics who have engaged extensively with the EU’s Framework programmes.

The European Engagement Team works closely with academics, research teams and GRPs that want to raise their profile in Europe, deliver impact and develop their networks and collaborations with European partners.

The Warwick Brussels Office provides the University with a physical base in Brussels which facilitates access to the European Commission, European Parliament and other Brussels-based organisations.