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Advisory Board Area

Agenda and Meeting Notes

16 November 2017


Biographies of attendees

EAB.1/17/18 - Minutes from previous meeting

EAB.2/17/18 - European Strategy

EAB.3/17/18 - Summary Activity Plan

EAB.4/17/18 - Paris-Seine Report

EAB.5/17/18 - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Report

EAB.6/17/18 - Financial and Legal First Questions

PowerPoint Presentation

20 April 2017



12-13 October 2016


Meeting Notes

Annex 1 - Terms of Reference

Annex 2 - Guild of European Research Intensive Universities

Annex 3 - Warwick's Global Research Priorities Programme

(Pam Thomas, Richard Aldrich and Tim Watson and Daniel Read)

Annex 4 - University's role in the Regional Devolution Agenda

(Kate Hughes, John Davey and Nigel Driffield)