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Warwick Brussels Office

Jan Urlingsjan.jpg

Secretary General of the Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office

Jan Urlings is the Secretary General of the Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office. He coordinates all operational activities of the Office and he is responsible for the overall management of its resources. In addition, he oversees client relationships, including with the University of Warwick focussing on promoting the University’s profile at European level. The Brussels Office, with its conference and meeting facilities, is a showcase for the University of Warwick, Birmingham and, more widely, the West Midlands region. Jan has more than 20 years in executive positions providing management consultancy advice and support to corporate leaders and governments, both in manufacturing and non-profit organisations.

Xenia Tsitiridouxenia.jpg

Senior European Adviser - University of Warwick Brussels Office

Xenia is Warwick's Senior European Adviser and, in this capacity works closely with the European Engagement Team. In addition to acting as Warwick's representative in Brussels, Xenia provides expert advice, and early policy intelligence, on matters relevant to the University’s European strategic vision and global research priorities. Xenia also supports Warwick academics seeking to build their Brussels-based networks or wishing to deliver impact based from their research. In this context, Xenia can:

  • identify appropriate Commission officials, politicians, businesses, think tanks and other organisations for academics to meet
  • arrange programmes of meetings for academics
  • with her colleagues, organise workshops, seminars, symposia or small conferences

Her main areas of work are early policy intelligence and increasing the impact and profile of the Warwick academics in Europe.

Xenia has worked in the Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office, and its predecessors, for almost a decade, supporting West Midlands’ universities, businesses and local authorities.