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Coventry's Pint of Science 2018 Festival Info

Thank you to everyone who supported the festival in 2018, it was a great success!

We sold over 320 tickets and had 36 speakers from both Warwick and Coventry universities presenting their world leading, innovative or downright quirky research to the people of Coventry.
Speakers included all level of researchers from Masters (with research) students up to Professors - with some fantastic collaborative talks between them. All of which managed to step up to the challenge to make their talks fun and informative to a lay audience.

2018 Speakers
Coventry University Academics

Professor Michael Duncan
Professor Helen Maddock
Dr Benet Vincent & Dr Jim Clarke
Dr Simon Goodman
Dr Matthew Blackett
Dr Andrew King

University of Warwick Academics

Professor Chris Dowson
Professor Richard Aldrich
Professor Kevin Moffat
Professor Bill Murray
Professor Peter O'Connor
Professor Tim Gershon
Dr Gavin Morely
Dr Rachel Edwards
Dr Tim Robbins
Dr Neil Cole-Filipiak
Dr Robert Dallman
Dr Melanie Loveridge
Dr Andrij Vasylenko
Dr Corinne Hanlon
Dr Michelle Miller
Dr Andrew Nelson
Dr Gabriele Sosso
Dr Nicholas Jackson
Dr Kate Astbury
Dr Jess Marshall

University of Warwick PhD or Masters Students

Benjamin Perry
Rebecca Appleton
Rebecca Diez
Arun Ulhannan
Tishtrya Mehta
Matthew Bradbury
Yashna Lekhai
Phil Diggle & Chris Bloomer

Pint of Science 2018 Infographic