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Register Your Interest to Present at Pint of Science

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To help "sell" your talk to us - and the public - please provide us with a talk title and description. Please use lay language, explain the key elements of what you are researching / presenting, how you will engage with the audience, and why people should attend you talk (making it relevant to cultural / environmental / economical / health situations)
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OPTIONAL: To help us assess your application, we would like to see/hear you in action! Please upload an audio and/or video file of yourself either; 1 - presenting your research in a public setting (lecture, outreach activity, radio interview etc) or 2 - a short explanation of your pint of science talk description and plans for how you intend to engage with the audience (nothing fancy - a smart phone recording will do) If you do not want to send us a audio/video file we may give you a call instead.
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