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Information for Speakers

Thank you for expressing an interest in speaking at Pint of Science from 20-22 May 2019!

Applications for the "Trust me, i'm a Doctor!" events are now open!

Creating great presentations

Pint of Science (Central Team) Guidance for Speakers - this guide gives you some further tips for giving a great presentation to the lay audience.

We also have a "Giving Great Presentations" session on 20 March, bookable through the LDC

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on having any audience participation which involves movement, or practical demonstrations please complete the risk assessment and return it to Matt Teft so it can be approved. All demonstration equipment and associated PPE must be considered and provided by the speaker.

The organisers of Pint of Science will hold no liability over the cost, damage or replacement of these items.

Pint of Science Risk Assessment


If selected, you need to be available on any of the three nights of the festival as we need to co-ordinate a lot of speakers and it is very difficult to accomodate everyone's needs. You will be informed of you allocated slot early in February.


You will have a interested, and captive audience who have paid to come and see you so they are a safe group to try something different if you want. Last year the audience was a mix of general public, staff and students, so please consider this event to be aimed at a lay audience rather than specialists in the chosen field.

Collaborative Approach

If you are from a larger research group or CDT then please consider teaming up with you colleagues or students as we will only feature one talk from that group, so you may be competing against each other.


AV equipment is basic, so anything more complicated than something that can be plugged in to a projector, windows laptop and hand-held microphone will need to be provided by yourself, and tell us in good time so we can make sure the venue can accommodate this.

Length of Presentations

You will have 30 mins in total to deliver you talk/demonstration / performance. If you go down a traditional route of standard powerpoint presentation then it’s 20 mins for talking and 10 mins Q&A - we will be strict on timings!

Practical Demonstrations

If you would like to do any demonstrations in the breaks or as part of your talk then please let us know so we can check with the venue about H&S. If allowed, you will need to complete a (basic) risk assessment in relation to this. You will also need to provide all of the relevant equipment for this, as we have no budget to support you.

Presentation Slides

We will need any presentation slides approx. one week prior to the start of the festival to ensure we can check the content and provide any feedback neccessary. We will not accept any changes to your slides on the day. Please try to keep slides free of jargon, acronyms and complex charts and equations that need a degree to understand

Talk Description and Title

We are asking for a (snappy) title and description of your talk – maximum 50 characters and 600 characters (with spaces) respectively. Please write this in an engaging way, using lay language as this is what we will be using to promote your talk!

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