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Science on the Hill

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Come and find out more about the exciting research happening at Gibbet Hill.

'Science on the Hill' is a new exciting programme of public engagement events being jointly hosted by the School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School.

These interactive two hour events will serve to showcase the new research being performed at the Gibbet Hill campus by these two schools to the local community.

Science on the Hill events will be free to attend and will take place between 18:00 - 20:00 on Tuesday evenings in the School of Life Sciences atrium. Directions and parking information 

For queries please contact scienceonthehill at warwick dot ac dot uk

The Rise of the Superbugs: Will your next infection kill you? - 10 December 2019

Our second Science on the Hill event will focus on the growing threat of antibiotic resistance to human health. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, to resist antimicrobials such as antibiotics or antiviral drugs, which are designed to kill them. As a result, standard treatments become ineffective. AMR is now recognised as one of the most serious public health challenges we face today. With the alarming rise in ‘superbugs’ that are resistant to multiple antibiotics, deaths due to antibiotic-resistant infections are increasing every year. In this session, we will discuss the causes of AMR, the prevalence of AMR in the hospital, the community and the environment, and some novel solutions to tackle the problem.

Registration is now open.

All about (biological) time. - 4 February 2020

Our third event of the series investigates the effects of circadian biology (the roughly 24 hour cycle that governs physiological processes of living beings).

Do you ever wake up before your alarm clock goes off? Do your aches and pains always bother you at the same time of the day? Circadian clocks in humans, animals and plants orchestrate daily changes in many aspects of physiology, both in health and in disease. We will discuss current research into mechanisms of these processes and applications for medicine and crop improvement.

Registration will open in January.

The wonders of stem cells. - 10 March 2020

Our fourth event of 2019/2020 will look at the research around developmental biology ongoing here at Warwick.
What are stem cells? What can they do ? How can they be used for alleviating or even reversing certain diseases?
Come join us for an evening focusing on developmental biology and stem cells, and learn how our scientists are using new technologies and approaches to understand and improve health.

Registration will open in February.

An evening of Synthetic Biology - 19 May 2020

Our penultimate event this academic year will be presented by researchers from the Warwick Integrative Synthetic Centre (WISB).

What is Synthetic Biology? Chances are you probably haven’t heard about this field of science before! We invite you to join us for an evening all about SynBio where you will discover how our scientists are using DNA editing tools which will ultimately help improve healthcare, agriculture and more.

Registration will open in April.

From Lab to Application - 23 June 2020

Our last event in the first series of Science on the Hill will focus on the journey from lab to real world application.

Have you ever thought about how blue skies research can impact on the real life? This event will show how the work of different academics at Warwick has made the long and sometimes tortuous journey from being a gleam in a researcher’s eye to being developed to address real problems in the real world. Speakers will chart their own experiences along this pathway, and displays will show more about the products and technologies emerging from fundamental research at Warwick.

Registration will open in May.