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SolarFest - Energy Debate: Understanding Energy Markets

Energy is a vital part of life in the 21st Century - to many of us it's as important as oxygen! How would we do our jobs, travel, communicate, or even eat, if we didn't have it? But with populations rising the demand is spiralling out of control and we're seeing our wallets stretched and our climate bearing the burden of our need for power. Join academics from Warwick, along with industry experts to learn more about Understanding Energy Markets.

The debate will take place 6:30pm-8pm on Friday 22 September, however please feel free to join us from 5pm to take a look round our Discovery Zone. You'll be able to see all the latest energy research happening at Warwick through demonstrations and hands on experiments. We've got a 3D printed solar tree, examples of different types of solar panels, solar telescopes, a solar powered pizza oven, and much more! The Discovery Zone and the debate are taking place in our Science Building, on the main University Campus.


Professor David Elmes - Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
David is interested in how the structure of the global energy industry is changing, how new business models are finding success and how management practices are changing. This continues his work before WBS on how companies achieve changes that transform their performance, including changes in organisation, culture and capabilities that enable and sustain new ways of working in ever-changing circumstances.
Marcus Stewart (Head of Energy Insight, National Grid)
Marcus leads National Grid’s work on the future of energy. He is responsible for developing long term supply and demand scenarios for electricity and gas that underpin National Grid’s and the energy industry’s medium and long term planning. He is responsible for assessing future generation requirements and capacity required in National Grid’s role as the delivery body for Electricity Market Reform. Working closely with industry stakeholders and government, he plays a key role in predicting and shaping the GB energy landscape. He has two decades of experience in electricity and gas networks, within National Grid.
Dr Jenny Cooper - Independent Energy Innovation Specialist and Honorary Professor, School of Engineering, University of Warwick
Jenny Cooper specialises in energy research and development management with particular focus on energy networks. She has over twenty five years' experience in innovation within the energy industry, short and long term strategic planning, environmental issues, new technology and increasingly all aspects of energy technology. For the last ten years she has focused on the management of the research and development programme for National Grid (gas and electricity transmission) setting the Research and Development (R&D) Strategy with stakeholders and with Ofgem. Her emphasis has been on developing relationships and delivering solutions with research and development suppliers - both academic and industrial.
Jane Chang – Executive Advisor, Group Technology and Innovation, Centrica
Jane Chang is a UK Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional. Since the late 90s, she has been involved in Enterprise Architecture Strategy and Planning. She has always been interested in how Information Technology can influence the evolution of the energy industry as
technologies progress forward. The shaping of smart metering, the development of smart home offerings, and more recently, the drafting of the conceptual design of a Local Energy Market in Cornwall are all examples of Jane’s thought leadership making an impact in Centrica’s flagship innovation projects.

In the debate, Jane will reflect on her thoughts on the development of the digital economy and how it may influence our future of the energy industry.

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