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"Arts Out" - Faculty of Arts Festival 2019 - applications open!

abstract-art-artistic-1020315.jpgJoin with colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts to be part of our new Arts Festival "Arts Out" that will be aiming to share the best of our vibrant and exciting research with local people.

Taking place at Fargo Village (Coventry City Centre) on Saturday 20 July we want the day (and evening) to feature workshops, talks, panel discussions, stalls for drop in/drop out activities, performances, exhibitions and more. This year the theme we will be celebrating is food (and drink!).

We've chosen to run this Festival alongside one of Fargo's regular food festivals so as well as being a day of immersive arts experiences visitors will also have the chance to sample fantastic food and drink from local producers. Through the combination of these events we hope to tap into new audiences and reach both family groups and adults who don't usually interact with us through our existing programme of events.

If you've got a creative and imaginative idea for sharing your research connected to food/drink at this event we'd love to hear from you - simply fill out the below form to tell us about what you could run. If you have any questions or would like any support developing your event idea, or completing the form please contact You can also visit a Public Engagement Drop In (Wednesdays 1-3pm in University House) for help devising an idea around your research.

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If you have any ideas for a theme we could explore at the next Arts Out Festival let us know! The public will vote for their favourite during Arts Out 2019.

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