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Public Engagement Fund 2018/19

The Public Engagement Fund is now open for applications for the 2018/19 academic year. The purpose of the fund is to support small projects, act as a contribution/ pilot fund to support a larger project, or support the purchase of equipment to be used in future public engagement events. You can apply for up to £1,000 per project.

The fund is exclusively for the support of Public Engagement with Research, by which we mean talking to a public about your own area of academic research. This public could be a business, policymakers, schools, a specific community of interest etc. as long as they are not just other academics from your field. The interaction should be two-way with space built into the activity for listening to your audience, as well as disseminating your research.

Our preference is to support projects which have not previously been supported by the fund. If you wish to re-submit a project that has previously been funded, ensure you are clear in your application how the idea has progressed. We will only fund projects for a second time if we feel there is a significant development of the project since the initial award.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at what the fund was spent on last year.

Who can apply?

The Warwick Public Engagement Fund is open to all academic Departments, Research Institutes, Centres and GRPs.

This year we would especially like to encourage projects that provide opportunities for undergraduate or postgraduate students to be involved, as well as projects which include partners external to Warwick. We are also keen to support activities relevant to City of Culture and the British Science Festival.

Applicants should normally be a University employee, or be the holder of a personal research fellowship awarded competitively. Applicants should have at least 9 months left to run on their employment contract/ fellowship at the date of application – i.e. you will be employed until the end of July 2019.

PHD students are also welcome to apply for the fund, however will need a member of staff to be a co-applicant on the proposal to enable us to give you access to the funds. We also require that you will be still be at Warwick by July 2019.

How to apply

Download a copy of our application form here. Please complete this and return it to by midnight on the 31st October. In addition to the form you will need to attach a Statement of Support from your Head of Department.

Statement of Support

Every application must be submitted with a statement of support from your Head of Department (HoD) (or equivalent). This should be in the form of an email from your HoD (this must come from their University of Warwick account) and should include confirmation that:

  • they are supportive of you undertaking this activity,
  • this project cannot be exclusively funded out of individual or departmental discretionary funds,
  • that you are currently employed on a contract lasting until at least July 2019,
  • that they understand department will be responsible for any overspend, or any spend not put through finance by Friday 19 July 2019.

Assessment process

All applications will be reviewed in depth by at least 3 people who are not involved in the application. These reviewers will be experts in public engagement.

Each reviewer will first assess the application against the essential criteria and decide if it is eligible to be funded. If it is not eligible it will not be considered for scoring. This decision will be reviewed by the panel to ensure it is accurate. Assuming it is eligible, the reviewer will then provide a score against each of the criteria and finally provide some written feedback about the project.

A panel, consisting of all the reviewers for your application and those of other faculties, will discuss all applications, agree the scoring and collate the written feedback to go back to the applicant. The top scoring applications will be awarded until the allotted funds for the fund have been allocated, unless there is a clear reason why an application should not go through which will be relayed to the applicant.

The decision of the panel is final and cannot be appealed.

You can download a copy of the score sheet the reviewers will be using for your reference in preparing your application if you find it helpful.

Getting support for your application

The Public Engagement Team are keen to work with you to ensure you application is the best it could be. You can contact us for quick questions, or to request a meeting with your Public Engagement Coordinator at a convenient time, or come along to one of our drop in sessions which we will run in University House Café area (in the central part of the building) from 1pm – 3pm every Wednesday from 19 September to 31 October. Please look for the banner advertising the public engagement fund as we'll make sure we put that next to whatever table we end up at.

*Please note Wednesday 3 October we're only available 1pm - 2pm*

To help get some inspiration for this years fund, take a look at what happened last year.

Reporting Requirements

After your event has taken place we will contact you to request you complete a feedback document for us within 1 month. This feedback enables us to evidence the value of running the fund and is vital for ensuring it continues in the future. You can preview the feedback document here. If you complete an evaluation report for your project we would appreciate this being shared with us, and we would also like at least one image from your event we can use for promotion purposes. Guidance on photography consent in line with GDPR is available here.

In addition to this report we may also get in touch in future to ask if there have been any further developments, and to ask if you would present something as part of our Public Engagement Network Conference or development programme. This will be voluntary on a case by case basis.

Ethics, PREVENT and GDPR

All events must comply with the university’s policies around Ethics, PREVENT and GDPR. If your application is successful it will be passed onto Research and Impact Services to provide confirmation that your ethical approval for your research extends to cover your planned public engagement.

In addition, please let the Public Engagement Team know at the time of application if any of the following apply to your research.

  • Is the research commissioned by the military;
  • Is the research commissioned under an EU security call;
  • Does the research involve the acquisition of security clearances;
  • Does the research concern terrorist or extreme groups.

If you are collecting data that identifies individuals as part of your event (for example registering people who are attending, taking photographs etc.) then this must be collected and stored in line with GDPR. The Public Engagement Team can provide advice and support on how best to do this.

Fund Terms and Conditions

Awards under the schemes will be made on the basis that:

  • They are non-repayable grants (except in the case of conferences or other events which make a profit);
  • The applicant’s/applicants’ Department(s) will make a contribution, which may be in kind, to the cost of the project;
  • Funds will be spent according to an agreed profile, failure to spend will result in a claw-back event;
  • There are no significant additional space implications that cannot be accommodated within the Department(s) involved;
  • Any over-spends become the responsibility of the host department or departments;
  • Applicants may request up to £1,000;
  • All expenditure will be complete on or by Friday 19 July 2019, as such your event must have taken place at least a week before this date;
  • Eligible costs include direct staff costs, some specialist equipment, consumables, travel and accommodation, and all other items required for the project;
  • Building and refurbishment costs will NOT be eligible under this scheme;
  • The applicant’s Department (and those of all co-applicants) must detail what contribution they will make to the direct costs of the project and must also confirm that the costs requested from the Warwick Public Engagement Fund cannot be met from existing individual or departmental discretionary funds;
  • Events must be publicised with at least 1 months’ notice and all publicity material must be produced professionally in line with Warwick’s brand guidelines (please discuss these with your PE Coordinator if unsure) – please allow for this in your budget,
  • Your research must have appropriate ethical approval to carry out this activity, (typically this will not apply to Public and Patient Involvement, however please check with your relevant ethics panel if you are unsure)
  • You must make the Public Engagement Team aware at the time of application if your activity needs to be flagged under PREVENT duty,
  • Any data (including photography) collected as part of this event will be captured, processed and stored in line with GDPR regulations.