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School of Life Science Public Evenings

If you've ever wondered what happens on that distant bit of campus beyond the bluebell woods then you may be interested to look out for the next School of Life Science (SLS) Public Evening. Organised by the SLS Outreach Team, they are a chance for anyone who's interested to learn more about the wonderful research taking place in the school. Each evening consists of a series of short talks, poster displays, lab tours and practical demonstrations around a different theme. So far they've covered topics such as healthy brains for a healthy life, antibiotic resistance, the value of microbes, and plant pathogens; they've even had a screening of "The Fly Room" and explored how fruit flies help us understand genetic code.

Almost 400 people have attended the events so far and the response has been hugely positive leading to commitment from the school to continue running these events for the 17/18 academic year. Audience feedback was collected at every event, providing positive and constructive comments on the format of the evenings and how they have made the research at the SLS more accessible and informative. All attendees came away from the evenings having learnt something important or interesting, and made valuable comments on how the events could be improved for the future, helping the SLS to shape next year’s programme. You can find out more about all these events (and keep an eye out for future dates) on the SLS webpages.

Programme of events:

October 2016 – “A Healthy Brain for a Healthy life”. Prof Nick Dale, Prof Bruno Frenguelli and Dr Rob Huckstepp

November 2016 – “Getting to Grips with Antibiotic Resistance”. The evening was opened by the PVC for Research- Pam Thomas. Talks were presented by Dr David Roper, Prof Chris Dowson and Prof Liz Wellington.

November 2016 – “The Fly Room”. This event was held at the Arts Centre and combined the screening of the film “The Fly Room” with a Q&A with the director as well as poster presentations on Drosophila, including one from Professor Kevin Moffat.

February 2017 – “Food Security – Keeping Plant Pathogens at Bay”. The event was opened by the university Provost – Professor Christine Ennew. Talks were given by the Elizabeth Creak Chair in Food Security Professor Murray Grant and also by Dr Miriam Gifford.

May 2017 – “Microbes On Us and Around Us: We Can’t See Them but Can’t Live Without Them”. run by Professor Elizabeth Wellington who opened the evening with a talk about the Microbiome. This was then followed by four further talks given by (in order of appearance): Professor Ramesh Arasaradnam, Dr Yin Chen, Professor Gary Bending and Professor Laura Green. This event was supported by the Public Engagement Teams' RCUK Catalyst Seed Funding