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Support for Warwick's Engagers


Sessions will be scheduled again for the next academic year - follow the links to register your interest in these

Training sessions


A beginners' guide to public engagement


Aimed at those who are new to doing public engagement this session will provide an overview of what public engagement is, why it matters and equip you with some top tools and tips to make it easier. We’ll talk about different types of public engagement, finding an audience for your research, setting aims and objectives for your public engagement, and how to evaluate your activity.

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Giving great public engagement presentations


Join us for a session where we discuss top tips for engaging the public through your research presentations. We’ll talk about some different styles of presenting commonly used at public engagement events (e.g Pecha Kucha, or “TED Talk” style), as well as talking about summarising a difficult topic into a presentation without needing to “dumb down” research.

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Evaluating your public engagement activity


Evaluating your public engagement activity is always best practice. It’s vital if you are ever going to want to use your activity as part of a REF Impact Case Study, however even if you think you aren’t you can still gain a lot from effective evaluation. In this session we’ll explore setting aims and objectives for your activity, different methods for evaluation, and how to choose the right one for you. We’ll also touch on good evaluation questions, survey design and how to maximise response rates.

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Digital public engagement techniques

Fri 8 June, 1pm-3pm, H4.03
Social media offers a huge amount of scope for connecting your research with large groups of people. At this session we’ll talk about different methods of public engagement, specifically focusing on digital techniques such as blogging, digital storytelling, using social media and some platforms that are out there for you to tap in to. We’ll discuss risks and mitigating for these, as well as how to evaluate success.

Public engagement exhibitions: Working with museums/galleries

Thu 21 June, 12pm-2pm, H3.55

Exhibitions can be an excellent way of translating your research for a lay audience. We’ll discuss the feasibility of how you might put together an exhibition, how to work with a museum or gallery partner to produce/ host something like this, and how you might want to consider getting artists involved. We’ll also cover other ways you might work with a museum or gallery to do public engagement, and share with you some top tips about evaluation.

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Online resources that provide advice on topics such as promoting events, understanding what public engagement is and how to promote your activity.

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External training

Many organisations run public engagement training - find out more here.