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Become a Maths Busker

Thursday 9 May, 10am - 4pm - MB0.08, Mathematical Sciences Building

Registration essential for attendance

Engage new audiences of all ages with the wonders of mathematics by joining our training to become a maths busker. Maths busking is the art of using street performance that surprises and delights passers by with entertaining routines deep rooted in maths.

This training is available to staff and students of all levels with an interest in engaging people with maths. We welcome applicants from both maths and statistics, as well as those working in other departments who may still have an interest in maths as a subject.

Over the course of the day you will:

  • Learn how maths busking fits into engagement
  • Develop your confidence in approaching and speaking to the public
  • Learn how to identify different audiences
  • Learn some examples of busking tricks
  • Develop the skills required to create your own maths busking tricks

Light refreshments will be provided.

This session is being hosted by Dr Katie Steckles.

Katie studied maths at the University of Manchester, completing a PhD in 2011 and has since worked in public engagement with mathematics — giving talks and workshops, writing about maths, delivering events at science festivals, talking about maths on YouTube, TV and radio. She currently teaches at Sheffield Hallam University.

Please note this training is being run at a cost to the Public Engagement Team and non attendance or late cancellation will mean your place will be wasted. Please let us know at least one week before the event if you are unable to attend so we can reallocate this space.

Want to practice your new skills? We want maths buskers for Warwick's Science themed Family Day taking place Saturday 14 September, 10am-5pm on campus. If you'd be happy to be involved please let us know whilst registering for training using the below form.
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The data collected in the form will be used to manage your attendance at this session and, if consent is granted, to contact you about future opportunities to undertake Maths Busking. You can revoke this consent by emailing at any point.
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