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Promoting your event

How you promote your event will be based on what the audience for your activity is. If you aren't sure, or your audience is just "everyone" then take a look at our section on identifying who your public is. Even if you want your event to be open to everyone this will help you narrow down particular groups who you could target to get the word out about your event.

The following sets out a series of suggested places you could promote your activity to the audiences described

Internal Audiences

Consider these methods if you want your event to be open to Warwick staff/ students. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to be attending the event in a work/ study capacity as it's a good way to let the Warwick community know about events they may enjoy in their spare time.

  • University Events Calendar - Please add your events to this calendar so we know they're happening. Try and tag your events as open to the public (if applicable) and with your relevant departments so they're drawn through to the relevant calendars elsewhere on the website.
    • Register to add your own events to the calendar here
    • If you don't have permissions to add events and just need it in a hurry/ as a one off email us and we can add it for you
  • Digital screens
  • Big Screen on the Piazza (this would only really be suitable for activities that would have a broad appeal and will also be visible to non Warwick staff/students walking through campus) - email:
  • Insite - email to their online form have something added to the online staff portal/ @WarwickInsite twitter channel/ weekly all staff emails (goes out on a Tuesday so provide as much notice as possible before this).
  • Faculty and departmental websites - the best place for discipline-specific news and events (many departments have their own event calendars you could add to if your event is relevant to that department)
  • Departmental newsletters - a great way to target specific groups of staff
  • Global Research Priorities (GRPs) - focusing on specific research priorities, they are cross faculty and have a range of different publics.
  • Doctural Training Centres
  • PG Hub and IAS

External Audiences

Local Area Event Promotion
  • What's On Magazine and Website - Contact them at least 1 month in advance of your event to be included (no cost), they also share events via their Facebook and Twitter channels. Email: Abi Whitehouse to be featured
  •  Visit Coventry and Warwickshire Website and Leaflet distribution - Contact as early as possible (1 month minimum) to be listed. Email: Danielle Garratt: with: Name of event, date, time, location of event, a small sentence detailing the event.
  • Leamington Tourist Information Office - Happy to display posters in the centre for events (either sent via post, or they can print posters and display them). Email: Alan Sharif:
  • What's On Solihull (Town Centre)
  • Local Libraries - The libraries are happy to display posters. If you would like to send posters out contact the public engagement team and they can put you in touch with the relevant contact. You will need to provide roughly 40 printed posters for distrubtion (no bigger than A4).
  • Council Events Listings - Many local councils let you add events to thier website for free - we've collated a few local ones but if you're event is not in one of these areas then a search for the relevant coucil would be worthwhile.

Warwick's Outreach Team send out termly and monthly newsletters to primary and scondary secondary schools respectively. If you would like to promote any events through these newsletters, please contact the Outreach team and visit their communications page for more details on content deadlines.

Local community groups

The community team have plenty of contact with the local area and may well be able to help you if you want to get a message out to a specific community group. Email to let them know about your activity - they would like to know:

  • Title of the event
  • Time, date, location
  • Brief description (max 50 words)
  • Any website links to the event
  • Any digital resources you have, e.g. posters, they can share and if you have printed resources they could take to community forums then please let them know you have these.
  • If you have specific audiences in mind then please also mention these

If local community is your intended audience then you might want to consider if asking them to come to your event is the best approach, or if actually you could do something to fit in with exsiting local events such as Canley Pop-Up Cafe or the Big Lunch. You could also consider using a community venue such as a local Library. Contact the public engagement team if you'd like to discuss this further.

Local University of the Third Age (U3A) groups (a UK-wide movement which brings together people in their ‘third age’ [retirement/ semi-retirement] to develop their interests and continue their learning) have expressed an interest in attending Warwick events. Speak to the public engagement team if you would like to send anything out to these groups. We also have contacts with local Cafe Scientifique (again this could be a potential space for you to engage the public through)

Press coverage

Not every event will be of interest to the press but if you think your topic might have a broad appeal to the public then get in touch with the press team to ask them to support you in putting together and distributing your event to the press. They will be able to advise on which publications to target depending on your event.

Social media

Social media is a great way of promoting activity to lots of people at a low cost. You can Tweet/ Facebook about activity yourself and we're always happy to tweet about your events from @WarwickEngages (just email us to ask us to share it - or tweet us!) however the general public don't typically follow us. If it's a popular topic we can ask colleagues in Digital and Online Marketing to share the event through the university's twitter/ facebook profiles. In particular for a large general interest event we could ask them to create a Facebook event for it.

Also consider approaching:

  • Departmental/ GRP Twitter accounts
  • Facebook groups of relevant audiences (potentially you may be a member of a local interest group you could share details with?)
  • Accounts managed by your event venue
British Science Association

If you are running a Science event, you can promote this through the British Science Association's "Science Live" website. You will need to register to upload and edit your events. The British Science Association also run a number of different events, initiatives and campaigns including British Science Week in March, and also the British Science Festival in September which you may want to link your event to.