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Goal Four

Case Study

Postgraduate Warwick

Warwick’s students are part of an international community of scholars. Our postgraduate community accounts for over a third of our total student population and our community at large is made up of students and staff from over 150 countries, creating a cosmopolitan environment in which diversity is celebrated. Our postgraduate students make a significant contribution to Warwick’s success.

Our technology-rich, dedicated postgraduate spaces provide students with a unique opportunity to work together with their peers from across the University.

Dedicated Postgraduate facilites

The Postgraduate Hub and Grad Deck are designed exclusively for postgraduate students. The emphasis in both spaces is on collaboration: academic and social.

At our Postgraduate Hub – the centre of postgraduate life at Warwick – students can work and share experiences together. Our thriving postgraduate community is able to use group work spaces and has access to a variety of events, such as research skills workshops, postgraduate conferences and cultural events.

Case Study

Inspiring alumni: creating their place in the world

Gauri Gopal Agrawal (MSc Finance and Economics 2008-09)

After graduating, Gauri was looking for a way to make a difference. She found it when she created a social enterprise that is already having a real impact in India.

Gauri Gopal

“In 2008, I was finishing my Masters. A strong need to deviate from the norm got me thinking about travelling to a country I had never been to before and exploring my education in a completely new context.”

The country was Peru.

Her research into microcredit provision led her to an internship with SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru), a small NGO in Trujillo, where she worked with single mums in slums to help them secure microloans. Back home in India, her dreams of doing something similar were tempered by the need to recoup the money she had invested in her education.

The Peru internship gave her an edge in job hunting and she worked with Deutsche Bank for two years. But eventually… “I followed my gut again. The Skilled Samaritan Foundation was born, and my passion has never wavered.”

Gauri Gopal 2The Skilled Samaritan Foundation provides collaborative, sustainable development in Sirohi, a village 40 kilometres from Delhi, enhancing local capacity to address issues in primary education, the empowerment of women and renewable technology.

Within a year, the Foundation had notched up successes like the Rural Solar Electrification Project – a collaborative initiative between Engineers without Borders (India), Bechtel Corporation and students at the National Training and Power Institute. By October 2013 it had provided 366 houses in Sirohi with access to reliable solar power.

Gauri’s MSc has helped immensely in her work as her professors encouraged students to be their own bosses. “The coursework has been a bedrock, while the international exposure added intellectual credibility, opening doors that would otherwise have remained closed.” says Gauri.


As part of the Strategy refresh process, a number of videos have been filmed with a range of senior staff from across the University. You can watch two of the videos relevant to Goal Four below.

Engaging with stakeholders

Investing in our people and developing the community

Watch more videos from senior staff >>



Goal Four
Engage our communities

Value our staff and students, and
encourage them to contribute and
achieve their potential.

Tree planting

Our students are the heart of the Warwick experience and must be active partners in its evolution. We’ll continue to develop students as valued members of our community, as leaders in their own right, and as citizens with a significant part to play in the future economy and global society.

Those other key members of our community – our staff – must also be properly recognised for their vital contribution to the University’s success. We value our people above all else and will continue to investigate new ways to encourage and reward the input and impact of everyone at Warwick.

We’ll also remain true to the principles of Equality & Diversity and Dignity at Work & Study.

Recognising the enormous, ongoing contribution made by the Students’ Union, and its passion in ensuring that time spent at Warwick is the best it can be, we’re committed to working with the SU to enrich the student experience still further.

We’ll do our best to ensure that students, staff and alumni alike genuinely want to retain a lifelong connection with the University and a commitment to its future.


  • 1. Embed our values to ensure they support an inclusive and dynamic culture that creates the conditions for our students and staff to succeed.
  • 2. Increase, support and benefit from the rich diversity of our staff and students, so strengthening our community.
  • 3. Keep our students at the heart of everything we do, as active partners in our strategic direction, informing our decisions and sharing in our success.
  • 4. Provide staff and students with enhanced opportunities for personal and professional development, reflecting and drawing on our values.
  • 5. Develop the capabilities of those staff and students in leadership roles and support the development of future leaders.
  • 6. Create a meaningful connection with our alumni community that brings mutual lifelong relevance and advantage.

Objective 1: Values that enable success

We will

✓ Refresh and embed our values to ensure they remain relevant to the University community and our evolving strategy.

✓ Focus on well-being throughout the University community, recognising that it’s a privilege to provide a welcoming work and study environment in which people find their voices and receive the encouragement to develop their ideas.

✓ Invite the input of staff and students to improve how we do things, always looking for enterprising ideas and the opportunity to engage everyone in the University’s development and success.

✓ Launch a Benefactors’ Centre in a prominent campus location to create a vibrant collaborative space in which staff and students are able to engage with visiting international partners, academics and students.

✓ Ensure that our campus locations are a destination of choice for students, staff, visitors, organisations and the public, and that the University’s many facilities remain accessible and welcoming for members of the wider local community.

We will investigate further

➜ All possibilities for increasing staff and student engagement across all areas of University activity and new ways of recognising and valuing their contribution.

➜ Expanding our emphasis on well-being across the wider campus, including significant investment in a new sports centre and leisure infrastructure.

➜ Ways for our staff and students to give back to the community through an increased focus on corporate social responsibility and volunteering programmes.

➜ Maximising the intelligent and creative landscaping of our campus as it develops, ensuring we retain the green spaces and amenities that make Warwick distinctive.

We will measure success through

➜ A suite of measures that identify and quantify the impact of the contribution of staff and students on the University’s performance and success.

➜ Increasing engagement scores and measures of satisfaction through our staff satisfaction survey and national student surveys.

➜ Increased number of visitors to the campus.

➜ Measures which demonstrate the positive impact of the University’s activity within the local community.

Objective 2: Rich diversity of staff and students

We will

✓ Remain committed to Dignity at Work & Study, and to embedding the principles of gender equality and Athena SWAN beyond the Science, Engineering and Medicine disciplines across the wider University.

We will measure success through

➜ Achievement of our Equality Action Plan and an increase in our equality and diversity metrics.

Objective 3: Students as partners

We will

✓ Build on our positive relationship and engagement with the Students’ Union, as we support them to become the best SU in the UK.

✓ Develop innovative ways of engaging with our students throughout their study, both academically and pastorally.

We will investigate further

➜ How to further engage student representatives in the life and governance of the University.

➜ Opportunities to enhance our campus community through inter-hall collaboration and competition.

We will measure success through

➜ Measures of student satisfaction and student

Objective 4: Develop our people

We will

✓ Ensure our staff and students get the skills development they need to be successful by refreshing our model of how we provide this.

✓ Consider the distinctive needs of our doctoral and masters student communities, and provide them with the right facilities and support.

✓ Make sure the University’s administrative and support staff receive the development opportunities to maintain our reputation for excellence in these areas.

We will measure success through

➜ Annual review and performance measures along with measures of student employability and success.

➜ Postgraduate student satisfaction surveys and measures of student outcomes.

Objective 5: Create future leadership capability

We will

✓Refocus our efforts to develop the skills of all those at Warwick who lead or manage others, as well as those with the potential to move into leadership.

We will measure success through

➜ Staff satisfaction surveys and succession planning measures.

Objective 6: Meaningful alumni engagement

We will

✓ Engage – cross-functionally – with our alumni around the world to ensure the University remains relevant to their lives.

We will investigate further

➜ How to make best use of the generous support and experience of our alumni community – and of stakeholders across all areas of our activity – to enhance the University’s global reputation.

We will measure success through

➜ Levels of engagement with the alumni community in University activities.