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Goal Three

Case Study

Redefining global higher education: the Monash Warwick Alliance

The Monash Warwick Alliance is redefining higher education by bringing together two world-class institutions, creating a new model for research-led institutions to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

By working together, we’ll help meet the demand for graduates with a global education, and for universities that are equipped and motivated to undertake research addressing world-relevant and strategically important problems.

The alliance is a unique opportunity to expand my research to the biomedical field by working with world experts. Beyond traditional collaborations, the alliance enables us to merge our research programmes by combining the world-class expertise and facilities available at Warwick and Monash.

Professor Sébastien Perrier

Professor Sébastien Perrier

Sebastien Perrier

As one of the first Monash Warwick Alliance research appointees, Professor Sébastien Perrier is at the forefront of our engagement with global research.

“The way in which the Monash Warwick Alliance is bringing researchers together is unprecedented", he says. "Working with international colleagues is expanding our knowledge base and enhancing our ability to conduct ground-breaking research.”

Previously awarded the Wolfson Research Merit award by the Royal Society and the Le Fèvre Memorial Prize by the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Perrier – a Warwick PhD graduate – was named as the Distinguished Winner of the 2014 Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

In its citation the ACS commented that ‘Professor Perrier was selected in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the research in living radical polymerizations in both fundamental and applied polymer chemistry’.

Dividing his time between the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and our own Department of Chemistry, Professor Perrier focuses on the synthesis of macromolecules with highly controlled and pre-determinable structures using modern polymer and organic synthetic methods.


As part of the Strategy refresh process, a number of videos have been filmed with a range of senior staff from across the University. You can watch two of the videos relevant to Goal Three below.

Achieving scale to compete globally

Embedding Internationalism

Watch more videos from senior staff >>


Goal Three
Secure our global position

Optimise the scale, scope and reach
of all our activities.


Increasing our global reach and reputation will demand new ways of striving for brilliance, both across the board and in our areas of particular strength. Leadership will also demand a renewed focus on positioning our activities internationally.

We must build on the successes and innovations of Warwick’s partnership activities at all levels, which are already enhancing opportunities for many students and staff, as well as delivering a major boost to our reputation. It’s a given that the contribution each partner makes should generate mutual benefit, and we must ensure that we put in as much as we get out.

Although it’s satisfying to be so good at punching above our weight, there is a step change difference between where we are now and where we need to be. We must identify ways to increase the size of our research base, so as to secure and sustain our place as a globally leading institution.

In pursuit of this world-class reputation, we’ll make significant increases in the scale and intensity of our Science, Engineering and Medicine disciplines, as well as looking at sustainable growth and enhancement of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Naturally, growth like this will necessitate careful, tactical choices. We’ll build on the entrepreneurial spirit and energy that have delivered so much of our success to date, underpinned as always by an unshakable commitment to excellence.

Along the way, we’ll explore all appropriate opportunities for increasing the pace of growth through alliances, partnerships and acquisitions. Choice of partners will be driven by their ability to complement our activities and ideals, and to provide innovation, sustainability and strategic value.


  • 1. Grow and develop our research base significantly, to enhance our international standing and achieve the scale required to compete globally.
  • 2. Develop collaborative research and teaching opportunities – both national and international – that facilitate interdisciplinary research and create the openings for our students and staff to function and excel as global citizens.
  • 3. Investigate potential alliances, partnerships and acquisitions that complement and enhance our reputation and capacity for excellence in teaching and research, as well as helping to increase our scale, particularly in Science, Engineering and Medicine.
  • 4. Establish and expand our presence in key strategic locations, with a view to leveraging maximum benefit to the University and its members.

Objective 1: Global scale

We will

✓ Continue to invest in and be committed to the principle of the comprehensive University, with all disciplines contributing to excellence.

✓ Build scale through affordable, sustainable growth, particularly in Science, Engineering and Medicine subjects.

✓ Increase research income by ensuring that we combine investment-ready proposals with an ability to mobilise and exploit emerging funding streams, e.g. Horizon 2020.

✓ Deliver increased benefit from the applied translation of our research, especially in Medicine.

We will measure success through

➜ The rankings of our disciplines in national peer exercises, with an aspiration to have all disciplines ranked in the top 10.

➜ Growth in turnover while achieving target institutional operating surplus of 7% and financially sustainable departmental margins.

➜ Increasing our success in competitive funding programmes and our market share of UK research income.

Objective 2: National and international collaboration

We will

✓ Engage with leading institutions – in Europe and globally – to develop further collaborative research and teaching partnerships of mutual benefit.

We will investigate further

➜ Ways to encourage new large-scale investors to co-locate activity with the University.

We will measure success through

➜ Increase in measures of research and teaching excellence arising from collaborative partnerships.

Objective 3: Develop alliances and partnerships

We will

✓ Gain fresh advantage from partnerships that exist at departmental and institutional level, pursuing additional benefits and opportunities.

We will investigate further

➜ Strategies for partnerships or acquisitions that raise quality and increase our scale of operation.

We will measure success through

➜ Increase in measures of research and teaching excellence and commercial benefit arising from collaborative partnerships.

Objective 4: Expand in strategic locations

We will

✓ Maximise the advantage of our proximity to London, our base in the Shard and our engagement in CUSP London to create a visible Warwick presence in the capital that will add to our reputation and extend our reach.

✓ Develop our strategy to increase our digital presence, to expand on our options for delivering academic excellence, providing educational resources such as MOOCs and driving opportunities for global reach.

We will investigate further

➜ Which geographical locations provide the best opportunities and benefits for research and teaching collaborations.

➜ The opportunity and case for a Warwick presence in California.

➜ Opportunities to build on our strong links with the local region.

➜ How to maximise the benefit of our Wellesbourne campus.

We will measure success through

➜ Increase in measures of research and teaching excellence and commercial benefit.
➜ Growth in our digital presence and measures of reputation.