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Our commitment to access and diversity

Our commitment to access and diversity

We are a university which insists on access. Not only are we a welcoming university, we embrace diversity and value the richness that this brings.

We work hard to ensure that a Warwick education is accessible to people from all backgrounds and have a range of inspiring programmes across our disciplines which colleagues organise and support . Access is very important to us and forms a core part of our strategy.

We want to find the funds to do even more and will also explore ways in which we can further support this agenda through philanthropic means.

We are a university which believes in enriching people’s lives through cultural outreach, inspiring the next generation through our schools engagement work and making our University accessible to all.

Over the life of this strategy we will see the launch of the WMG Academy for Young Engineers. We are also supporting talented young people from all over the world to develop their skills through IGGY and our summer school programmes.

We take the responsibility to develop young people and their aspirations very seriously and we will continue to innovate in this area.

We continue to provide opportunities for a wide range of students to access a Warwick Education in non-traditional ways for example through our Centre for Lifelong Learning and courses of study such as our Applied Engineering Programme in WMG.

Giving back to society is also very important to us and will explore expanding our already vibrant volunteering programme through Warwick volunteers, overseas opportunities such as our Warwick in Africa and Warwick in India programmes, along with ways of engaging our staff in community activity.