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Investing in our campus

Investing in our campus

We will invest to ensure that our campus retains its welcoming and vibrant personality through developing our piazza, investing in new sports facilities and developing new models for staff and student accommodation.

We will examine ways in which we can develop our campus services, food offer and our businesses to not only provide excellent value but enable us to generate a sustainable return to reinvest in our University.

Our students tell us that they want to live on campus and therefore we will build more accommodation to enable even more of them to do so. We will think about ways of doing that differently, about how we can integrate more services and facilities into our residences, how we can ensure our students experience the very best our campus has to offer. The students union is already working with us on developing this.

We will make our campus even more accessible; a new bus interchange, new roads and new car parks. All critical to enable our University to operate smoothly and something that we know is important to our students and staff.

We are proud of our campus and the outstanding facilities we have. The Warwick Arts Centre is one of the premier Arts venues outside of London. We know from our students that the feel of our campus is one of the things that attracts them to Warwick.

28,000 people already either study or work on the campus representing over 140 nationalities. With conference visitors, open days and patrons of the Arts Centre that number rises to over 400,000 people a year.

We want to develop our campus to make it an even more attractive destination for visiting academics, our partners, organisations and members of the public and we will explore ways to do that.