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Investing in our people and developing the community

Investing in our people and developing the community

In order to succeed, we need to continue to invest in the University, what it stands for, what it offers and what it delivers.

Our University’s success is built on the strength of our people and we are very fortunate in the quality of people and the talent that we have. Continuing to invest in our people and making sure that the very best staff and students want to be part of our community is paramount.

This strategy also emphasises our values and what these mean to the University community. Our values have served us well over the years but as we approach our 50th anniversary, it’s time to take a look at them again and be sure that the values we articulate really describe what the University is about and how we do things.

Embedding our values throughout the University to support this refreshed strategy is something we want to call on the support of the University community to do.

We continue to be committed to a culture of dignity and respect where everyone can succeed. Our commitment to equality and diversity remains as strong as ever. For example, we will examine ways in which we can extend programmes such as Athena Swan more broadly across the University.

All of our staff and students need to be supported to achieve and at all stages of their careers. Developing our staff and students to equip them with the skills and capabilities they need is key. We recognise that those that lead also benefit from support and leadership development and this is something we shall focus on.

Strengthening our community, developing people and supporting the well-being of our staff and students forms a core part of this strategy and will be expressed more tangibly than ever before.