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Engaging with stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders

There is one more challenge. We are a university embedded in, and committed to, the local, regional and national community. That is a quality which has been fundamental to Warwick from its inception and is something we are known for.

We are a university committed, in a way that few others are, to generating economic growth for our city, region and the broader national economy. We want to see that economic growth to create more employment, educational opportunities, and new resources, particularly for the benefit of the communities in our city and region.

While we have corporate partners and while we build very strong relationships with all sectors of the economy, we are still a University with the ethos and values that exemplify a community of creative scholars. There is also a close partnership between our academic faculty and our administrative colleagues; a relationship of equals built on respect and mutual engagement. Our ethos and our culture of respect will always be so, even as we grow and develop. It’s a value which defines Warwick.

There is something that is really distinctive about how Warwick people think that is highly attractive to stakeholders across all sectors.

We need to retain and develop this quality and ensure that we remain agile and responsive in the future. We will be approachable for all sectors to come and discuss the things that are important to them. Creative and innovative thought grounded in practical reality will always be found at Warwick.