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Positioning the University for the future

Positioning the University for the future

However, the financial challenge is matched by other challenges. International competition is strengthening all of the time. Put simply, that competition is a struggle to attract the best students and the best faculty from around the world.

In turn, it is imperative to produce the best research, provide the best facilities and space we can afford, the best opportunities for colleagues to develop their careers and the means for our students to experience the very best education.

Over the course of the last 50 years the University has grown, from a few buildings on some green fields on the outskirts of Coventry, to a global organisation that employs 5,500 people, educates a student population of 23,000 and has a turnover of nearly £0.5 bn p.a.

This is a phenomenal rate of growth and is a testament to all of the members of our community and our stakeholders who have contributed to our success over the years. I thank them for their energy and creativity and for their vision in enabling our University to become the success story that it has.

As we look to the future, we must think carefully how we position ourselves as a University that competes with the very best institutions in the world. Being realistic, and despite our rapid trajectory and our strategic successes of recent years, there is still much work to be done to achieve that aspiration.

Now is the time to re-consider how we best realise that goal and this strategy outlines the means for achieving that ambition.