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Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Innovation

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Innovation

As we look to the future, it is obvious that the way society engages with the world is ever-changing. People connect globally and instantaneously on matters of importance to our planet.

Universities have a unique role to shape the debate about these big challenges that confront citizens and nations in the 21st Century and to bring our intellect, innovation and energy to bear on providing answers to such complex questions.

Increasingly solutions to these questions are to be found at the very boundaries of academic disciplines and where interdisciplinary collaborations bring exciting opportunities to bring together differing perspectives and knowledge to create something new.

Our Global Research Priorities and our Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies are ways we are seeking to address these challenges and how we find effective tools to understand complex worlds. Our Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning explores pedagogy and collaborative engagement with students.

Colleagues who join Warwick from other institutions speak positively to me about how much easier it is to allow ideas to flourish here, how free it is to work across discipline boundaries and to create those interdisciplinary opportunities.

We support the development of great ideas, be these new academic centres, administrative services, ways of increasing our income to reinvest in the university, or ways of enhancing the student experience. Collaborative working across boundaries is one of the core principles of our culture which we will develop through our strategy.

We have already been very successful in attracting funding for Doctoral Training Partnerships and have over 10 in the process of being established and we will continue to actively support the development of the next generation of scholars.

We will provide the means to ensure that we are best positioned to grasp opportunities and continually push the boundaries of our research and teaching to world class excellence and to deliver impact.

Warwick will continue to have the reputation of a place that makes things happen. Our strategy is to continually support this innovation; that’s what we do and who we are as University.