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Introducing the University’s draft strategy

Introducing the University’s draft strategy and the environment in which we operate

The University has to meet a number of big challenges over the coming years. Chief amongst these will be producing the very best teaching and research that we can. The new strategy has to do that as a matter of course; excellence in research and teaching is our core purpose and is a given.

However there are other big challenges too and of these, two are particularly important – the financial environment and the ever increasing international competition. The next five years will be a period of significant financial challenge, probably more so than our community realises at present.

All of the indicators point to a period in which government funding will continue to decline, even if the economy expands. Higher Education is competing for an ever reducing pot of money and we need to be alive to this fact and make our own provisions to sustain what is important to our University.

For the two years after 2014/15 all projections, regardless of which party is in power, suggest a period of significant cuts followed by a gradual recovery thereafter. So this is by no means an easy environment in which to operate, never mind launch an ambitious strategy.

But, equally and importantly, the University’s history has always been one of being even more innovative during such difficult periods. Doing things differently is what we do. Simply battening down the hatches is not in Warwick’s genes. We never rest on our laurels.

Therefore, this strategy is concerned with producing even greater forward momentum so as to produce an even better and more successful university. All the evidence from our experience is that it can be done with the commitment, energy and support of all of our community.