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Increasing regional impact

Increasing regional impact

Our 2013 regional impact study shows that the University benefits the local economy to the tune of over £0.5 bn p.a. There is even more that we can do here.

A core part of this strategy is how to develop even further our links with organisations and partners, alumni and donors through demonstrating just how relevant Warwick is to the modern world, how we approach things differently and how we are a partner of choice.

This strategy also talks about how to ensure the University can continue to grow and develop. When the University was being envisaged over 50 years ago, a group of national and local stakeholders came together and they just made it happen. Their vision and passion for creating something new was exemplary.

We need to do the same again now; we must engage with our local community, our region and nationally to find ways of supporting the University’s future growth and enabling, in turn, even more benefit to flow back into the region.

We are already one of the city’s biggest employers. We will look to ways of bringing together all of our strong regional relationships to generate the same shared vision that existed 50 years ago in developing the local infrastructure for our mutual benefit.

This will support the University’s growth, develop the region, perhaps even doubling our economic impact on our city and region, and propel us into the next 50 years.