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The Student Voice

The Student Voice

Universities are, and always should be, places of opportunity and for us as students that means treasuring and campaigning to ensure the range and quality of the teaching and research we experience and the many other opportunities we have to engage in sport, societies, volunteering and so much more that adds to and enhances our student life.

If we treasure that student experience we should also treasure every opportunity we have to shape how our university plans to build on that student experience.

Warwick SU is passionate about making sure our time at Warwick is the best it can be. We are advocates for Warwick students at the highest levels of the university’s decision making process and we make available a wide range of resources to you as members to help you make your views count.

We should therefore also seize this opportunity to comment on the University’s draft strategy. It’s a strategy that promises investment in teaching and research and that aims to build on Warwick’s ability to earn and find new income to support that significant investment. Of course we as students welcome a strategy that aims to make our University even stronger and offer even more to us as students but we want to be sure that that strategy makes what we believe are the right investments and prioritises what is most important for us.

And by us I mean the student community now and in the future. I know it’s an increasingly time pressured world and you are being asked to comment on something that in the main will not impact on the student experience till long after you have left.

But the future Warwick student community is counting on you to share your voice to ensure that this university offers the very best student experience and that that experience remains open to students from every part of our society.

This is an opportunity for all of us to have our voice heard and I urge you all take this opportunity.