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Summary and how to share feedback

Summary and how to share feedback

In light of all of these challenges and our responses to them, the way the sector is changing, the way technology is developing, the international factor… I believe that our ambition has to be to strive to be “a world-leading University by doing it differently”.

Institutions that do not adapt themselves to the climate around them will be left behind as the competitive environment in higher education becomes ever fiercer. At the same time, we also need to retain respect for traditional academic values.

World class excellence in education and research underpins everything we do and our strategy places this at our core, but the ways in which the world is changing means that how we engage with this core purpose has to continuously develop, be relevant and remain in front of expectations and critically,…. be ahead of the competition.

You will see in the draft strategy a number of things we want to do and some areas we need to explore further. The consultation process will help identify if we have got these right and help us prioritise. We need to ensure that we focus on the things that will make the difference.

I hope that this draft strategy excites and inspires you as members of our community, whether staff, students, stakeholders, alumni or friends of the University. I invite you to celebrate how far we have come as a University but also to let us have your thoughts about our direction for the future that reflects our ambition.