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Teaching and Learning and the Student Experience

Teaching and Learning and the Student Experience

Our students represent one of our greatest strengths. Warwick graduates are known for their ability to think critically, for their strong work ethic and for the values they embody in wanting to make a difference in the world. We know from graduate employers how valued these qualities are.

In an ever-changing competitive environment we know that we must continually develop our education offer to ensure that our students remain attractive to employers and that they continue to develop as people who have all of the skills and capabilities to make that difference.

It is no accident therefore that teaching and learning and the student experience takes a prime place in this refreshed strategy. We are listening to our students and working collaboratively with them to develop what we can offer.

The advent of technological changes, the way students engage with their learning and ways in which education is becoming ever more accessible provide us with stimulating opportunities to be creative with our education offer.

Our students already play a core part in developing our strategy and engaging in our decision making and we will continue to seek ways of engaging our students in everything that we do, putting them at the heart of our University.

Already in 50 years we have an impressive roll call of Warwick alumni who are making a huge difference to society across the globe. A core part of our strategy has to be to ensure that Warwick graduates continue to take their place amongst the very best thinkers and influential citizens of the future.

We will continue to engage with our alumni to ensure that the University remains relevant to them and to develop ways in which they can continually support the University.

We provide so much more than an education; Universities are places where people find their voices and find out who they are. It is a privilege to be able to provide an environment that supports our students to do just that and this is something we take very seriously.

We will examine ways in which we can continue to provide an excellent student experience for all of our students, developing them both academically and pastorally.