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Smart Connections: Mark Wood

Mark Wood

Two adorable sled dogs became a furry highlight for the children who flocked to our Festival of the Imagination. Mark Wood, who was led by the dogs on recent expeditions was equally as popular – unsurprisingly, considering his renown for relaying polar exploration experiences to Warwick students.

Having completed over 30 major expeditions, often in extreme weather conditions, Mark has accumulated a wealth of eye-opening insight. “I inspire students to think differently about life,” he said. “I want them to know who I am. I want them to look at themselves and what they can do with their lives, to reach their goals and be passionate about what they do.”

As a local resident, it was convenient for Mark to share his knowledge with Warwick’s students. However, the location isn’t the main factor behind Mark’s ongoing connection to our University. Mark explained, “it’s Warwick’s enthusiasm, and the chance to work with great creative minds, that really motivates my involvement with Warwick. It’s great to be a little part of the University.” Although only a ‘little part’ of Warwick, Mark has made a big impression with both the Medical School and IGGY, our online network for gifted 13-18 year olds. Mark is IGGY’s explorer, working closely to educate its global community about medical health, climate change and adventure.

“I’m from Coventry. I really shouldn’t be an explorer, but I am and it’s because I think differently about life”, added Mark. “I work with educators from extremes of the planet and I continue to love connecting with students”.

IGGY is an international network of the brightest and most creative young people aged 13-18. Members are part of a global community that provides access to a wide range of exciting opportunities not available anywhere else. Set up by the University of Warwick, IGGY operates within over 33 countries and provides a wider audience for my expeditions and educational projects.