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A snapshot of 1971

In this year at Warwick:

  • The Sports Centre was built.
  • University Radio Warwick was launched. The studios were situated in a wooden hut behind Rootes. The station was soon rebranded to URW312, and became RaW (Radio at Warwick) in 1999.
  • RAG week hosted a 6-legged bar crawl.

Mary Fedden’s work is characterised by its bright colours and a flattened perspective that gives it an innocence, masking the sophistication of her compositions. Many of her paintings until the 1970s were inspired by European landscapes. Cappadocia in Turkey is often compared to a moonscape, a feeling enhanced by Fedden’s full moon hanging over the eroded volcanic landscape

And in the world:

  • Decimalisation comes into force.
  • Floppy disks became commercially available.
  • BBC Open University began in the UK.


University Radio Warwick


Mary Fedden | Cappadocian (Blue) | 1971 | Oil on canvas | 300 x 405 mm